Warranty & Service

Our Promise

Nothing completes a new home more perfectly than a reassuring warranty policy. We understand that purchasing a house is one of the largest investments you may ever make, and because of this, we provide peace of mind within our policy. Built off of the Home Builders Association, Knez uses a quality and trustworthy policy that is nothing but the best. For more information on our warranty, call 440-710-0711 or stop by and tour one of our model homes with any questions or concerns.

Our Policy

“The builder warranty is administered directly by Knez Homes. Knez Homes provides a one-year limited warranty based on the standards developed by the Home Builders Association (HBA). As part of this warranty, it is Knez Homes’ policy to inspect the home with the homeowner prior to closing and inspect the home again eleven months after the move-in date. In addition, Knez assigns and delivers any manufacturer warranties to the homeowners at the time of closing.”

For more information on our Warranty & Service policy, please call our office at 440-710-0711 or email info@knez.net.