Founder & President


Established in 1988, Knez Homes found its start in business as a scattered-site residential builder for various lots of land throughout Lake County. As time continued and the reputation of Knez Homes flourished, the company became a process management company, specializing in commercial and residential real estate development in all of its phases. Over 30 years later, Knez Homes is largely recognized across Northeast Ohio as a trusted, quality residential and commercial real estate developer.

The longevity of Knez Homes and affiliated companies is only a small testament of our commitment to success. Our dedication to customer service, both private and public, is an acknowledgment to the profound Knez reputation. Our success is measured not only by the number of awards we have won or projects we have built but also by the high level of customer satisfaction earned with every completed project.

Knez Homes has partnered with the region’s top developers to build in the finest of neighborhoods. Along with impeccable and innovative locations, each floor plan offered by Knez provides more than just a comfortable living space. Our efforts also assure you that your home’s design uses materials and resources as efficiently and aesthetically as possible. A home in an ideal location that pleases the eye offers an unimaginable value.

In order to achieve the best product, Knez is prided with the devotion of constant improvement. All of our homes are built to the Green Building Initiative Standards and are Energy Star Certified, ensuring an efficient, affordable, and long-lasting investment. Because of our continuous desire to advance, we use only the most innovative building techniques, products, and procedures to exceed your expectations.